How is Sheridan 2 Different from other Estate Sale Providers?

-We Have No Conflict of Interest Issues
Our ownership is not family related. We do not own a brick and mortar store, or sell on eBay. This ensures that we do not use your home as a cheap inventory source. We do not bring a caravan of our merchandise into your house to sell. We do not claw back any proceeds from your sale by doing clean outs. We do not buy out the merchandise that does not sell for pennies on the dollar. We are not realtors, auctioneers, or part of a transition team. We only do one sale a week, and we strive to conduct the best sale that week. We do not compete with ourselves by conducting multiple sales.

We Have a Sales Register System

We accept cash, mobile pay, and credit cards for all amounts.  We track all sales.  We use a credit card chip reader.  Cash can be hard to count at the end of the day.  Our system lets us know exactly what and how much should be in the drawer.

We Carry Both Company, and Workman’s Compensation Insurance

We have the largest amount of insurance coverage on the north shore.  We have actual W2 employees and  therefore have a workman’s compensation policy should anything happen to our people.  We do not have “independent” contractors, or pay our employees from your sale proceeds.

-We do not have up front expenses you have to pay, or minimum fee requirements

Our business model is based on selling out your home.  You should never prepay any estate sale company for any services they provide.

We are an Actual Company

We are registered to do business with both the Federal, and Illinois governing bodies.  We are professionals.  Our employees draw W2 wages.  We keep your proceeds in an escrow account, not commingled in our working funds.

We Have a Relationship With a Local and National Auction House

For those special items that we believe would sell for more than what we can receive from an estate sale we work with a well known auction house.


We are not the least expensive estate sale company in our market, and we are not trying to be.  We offer a relationship based on Trust, Knowledge, and Expertise.