Preparing for an Estate Sale


♦  Almost Everything Sells. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

♦  The more variety there is, the better the draw to the sale. Customers shop for furniture, art, clothing, linens, tools, garden items, jewelry, china, crystal, kitchen items, housewares, holiday items, perfume, cosmetics, new, old, antique, vintage and everything in between.

♦  Ideally, remove all the things from the premises that you want to keep. If not feasible, then identify a room that can be secured and store items not for sale there.  Large items, not easily moved, should be clearly marked “Not For Sale”.

♦  Leave everything else that you don’t want right in the drawers, cupboards, closets, etc.

♦  Don’t worry about “tidying up”. In the staging process we will be moving things around for safety and shoppability.

♦  If there is a vehicle to be sold, locate the title before the sale date.

♦  Wipe any sensitive data from electronic media being sold, such as computers, laptops, thumb drives.

♦  Shred any personal papers you no longer need.

Leave the rest to us!